But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matt 6:33

Years ago, I made the transition from having fake plants to real plants.  My first real plant was a very beautiful and vibrant ivy.  I was new to taking care of plants and definitely envious of those with green thumbs.  I managed to do well with my plant; I kept it watered and in a nicely lit location.

After about two or three months of relishing in my success as a plant owner, I decided that I wanted to change how my plant grows.  After seeing other people’s full plants, I decided I wanted the same for my plant. Instead of it growing out and long, I wanted it to grow up and full.  I purchased plastic stakes and tape to begin making the ivy grow upward.  As the days went by, my ivy began showing signs of distress– the leaves started turning yellow.  I took the vines off the stakes in hopes that would stop the yellowing.  However, no such luck.  I transported the plant to my job thinking I could take better care of it there and thinking I could ask the plant experts for help.  It got worse.

I watered it and fed it, but it still continued to die.  I consulted my boss who had the green thumb.  He told me I had been watering the plant too much.  The type of plant I had didn’t like much water.  I tried to revive it, but it continued to die at a rapid rate.  Finally, after much “agonizing thought” , I decided it was time to cut off all the dead stuff and start over.

My once vibrant plant looked like it had gone through the winter season.  I cut off the few good vines that were left and placed them in water to grow roots.  While cutting off the dead parts, I began thinking about how this parallels life…in particular my life.  I was at a time when I was overwhelmed doing so much good stuff, that  I was slowly dying inside.  Doing so much good stuff was keeping me from studying the word of God and applying it to my life.  Doing so much good stuff was also keeping me from praying to God.

Jim Collins said, “the enemy of great is good.” When I read that, it struck a chord that didn’t sound too good in my ear.  How could those good things be keeping me from doing great things?  I thought those good things would help me do great things! As I thought about it more, the Lord showed me that all the energy I was putting into the good things was robbing me of energy for the great things.  It was zapping the key nutrients I needed to achieve my purpose! I decided it was time to cut the dead stuff and start over.

God has GREAT things in store for us, yet we continue to settle for the good things! What if all of those “good” things were not in God’s plan for your purpose?  What if all of those “good” things were keeping you from what God has destined for you? Cut out the dead stuff in your life and start over!

It is time to re-examine our lives.  I encourage you to seek God and find out what great things you are supposed to be doing and do them. If we seek God first and His righteousness, all these things will be added unto us.

Too much of a good thing can be harmful if that good is not what God has called you to do.  Cut off the dead stuff and go to the One who created you.  Sit in His presence to find out what GREAT things you should be doing.