Today, I am grateful. I met with five phenomenal women this week and they all poured into me.

It was amazing meeting with these women, especially with two of them. I was challenged, coached, and encouraged!

When they both heard of my desire and love to write, they both challenged me. One challenged me to blog weekly. Another challenged me to get my book done by my due date…May 18. Which by the way is now only 14 Saturdays away!

They both saw leadership traits in me and provided me with tools to bring them out. I know I am more than I show. I can do more than I have been doing. I have chosen to be complacent. But why? Why would I choose complacent over consistency? That will be the self-discovery question I will hopefully be shown the answer to by Christ.

It is time for me to rise up to the level of strength and power and courage and skills that are already in me.

It is time for me to be intentional and not accidental.

It is time to mentor this younger generation to disciple and win them back for Christ!


Everybody sees my greatness but me. It is time to walk in my greatness.

I have everything I need already to do what I have been destined and purposed to do.

I don’t need to wait on a mentor.

I don’t need to wait for my children to get out of college.

I don’t need to wait until I leave Tinker.

I don’t need to wait for Michael to get on board.

I need to take the first step.

I am wired to write, so I need to make a plan to write.

I am wired to speak encouraging words, so I need to make a plan to speak at conferences and events.

I am wired to teach, so I need to make a plan to teach bible study.

I am wired to study and research the Bible, so I need to study and research the Bible and develop bible studies to disciple new believers.

I am wired to lead, so I need to learn to do it effectively and intentionally.

When I take the first step, God will take His steps. He is waiting on me to start the journey with Him.

I am finally ready to begin.

What about you?

Are you ready to begin?

What is in you that needs to come out? What gift are you selfishly holding onto?

I want to encourage you to begin the journey of doing what you have been “wired” to do. The world needs your gift. Don’t let it sit in a corner and rust.

Put it to use so that the world can be a better place. Use your gift so that Heaven is here on earth.

Use your gift so that God is glorified and people receive eternal life!