I travel quite a bit for my job. On one particular trip while making our descent into Montgomery, there was a sea of clouds through which we had to pass. It seemed as though we were descending through the clouds forever; it was actually only about a minute or two.

What was amazing to me is that even though my vision was obscured, and I am sure the captain’s vision was also, he never slowed his speed. When I can’t see my way clearly, I always slow down. Sometimes I completely stop! Don’t you?

I had to know why the captain didn’t slow down! As I exited, I asked the captain why he never slowed the plane down as he was descending. He pointed me in the direction of one of his navigation instruments on the dashboard. I later found out it was the attitude indicator. This navigation instrument is very important for pilots because in one glance they can tell if they are descending, climbing, or level. Using that device, He always knew where he was in relation to the ground.

I was puzzled as to why it was called an attitude indicator and not an altitude indicator! The engineer in me would not let it rest!

When I think of attitude, I think of one’s disposition toward someone or something. More times than not, it is usually in a negative light!

According to Wikiversity, flying by attitude means visually establishing the airplane’s attitude (or position) with reference to the natural horizon.

The attitude indicator helps you establish the correct position of the plane. Ooo wee!!!

While the clouds are all around, is your attitude level? Are you calm? Or are you freaking out because you cannot see?

Well, let me encourage you to take a lesson from the attitude indicator and establish your attitude! Anchor your trust in Jesus! He is a sure foundation!

I could hang out here for a while, but God gave me more nuggets! You will just have to come hear me preach this one! 😊

Because of all the navigation instruments in the cockpit, and his complete trust in them, he was able to confidently and courageously go through the clouds without slowing down because he always knew where he was despite what he may be feeling or thinking! Attitude Indicator!

While the pilot could not see, he trusted in what he could see!!

That preached to me and it made me say…


Immediately I began thinking about my relationship with God. Was I so trusting? When the way is cloudy, and I can’t see, do I trust God…who can see?

As a self-proclaimed mature Christian, I sure would like to think I do. Honestly, sometimes I am very trusting. Sometimes I am not so trusting. Sometimes I waiver back and forth.

Why don’t I trust all the time?

Maybe I have misplaced trust…in me.

I have to get over the initial shock and surprise of ME not being able to see MY way to MY next stop or destination.

But since it is not MY job to get me to MY destination, why do I need to worry about whether or not I can see the way???

Just like I depend on the pilot to get me to my destination, I need to trust God to get me where He is taking me!

Whose job is it anyway?

********** NEWS FLASH ***********

It is not mine! It is not yours!

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t depend on us at all. Well, we do need to take the one step to get on the plane, but after that, it is no longer up to us!

I don’t know about you, but I need to stop acting like everything depends on my ability to get me safely to my destination.

My job — ride and stay in my role as passenger!

It is up to the pilot to use all of his navigation equipment to get me to my destination.

I need to eat my Biscoff cookies, drink my beverage, read my book, and occasionally look out the window to enjoy the view.

You wouldn’t dare go into the cockpit and tell the pilot how to fly the plane or the route to take.

As you journey through life and you make the decision to follow Jesus, let him be the sole pilot in your life. Don’t try to tell him how to fly the plane or the best route to take.

He knows where he is going and he is able to keep you from falling.

He knows what you need to go through, go over, go under, and go around!

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Nothing catches him by surprise and he knows how to get us to our destination. Not even lions, tigers or bears! Not even tornados, hurricanes, or thunderstorms!

The route may be through the storm clouds but we have no need to fear! He knows how to fly over them and He knows how to maneuver his way through them knowing we will experience turbulence!

So take courage. God is in the pilot seat and He lovingly takes on the job of getting us to our destination.

For What area(s) do you need to trust God to get you to your destination?