“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” Isaiah‬ ‭30:21‬ ‭ESV

Consider two paths. One is a rocky path such that walking on it could prove treacherous for your feet and ankles. The other a grassy path with hidden insects ready to make you aware that they are there. Which would you choose?

I was faced with this dilemma this past weekend. To get to my destination, I could take the long, rocky path or the shorter, insect-filled grassy path. I chose the shorter path because the insects hadn’t made their presence readily known. I could hear them in the trees, but didn’t check the grass. As I started my trek, large grasshoppers and other insects began hopping out of nowhere! I quickly got off the grassy path and finished my walk on the rocky path.

The rocky path was one where I had to walk looking downward to ensure I neither stepped on one of the larger rocks nor twisted my ankle. I made it safely but had to walk gingerly.

In the evening, I had to walk that same path again but there was no light. Fortunately, I was with the lady that owned the place and was familiar with the land; she proceeded through the grass. I quickly asked her if there were any snakes of which she replied, “I’ve only seen garden snakes!”

Well, I am sure you know that I promptly got out of the grass. Thankfully, her husband had just finished dropping off some ladies and was back in time to take us to our cabins!

Whew! Talk about God being on time!!

After arising the next day and having spent time with God, I took a 15-minute vow of silence to just hear from God. I love the water and was going to walk around one of the ponds on the property. Of course, that meant walking on the grass with the high jumping insects! I was on my way to the rocky path again to forego the pond and the grass, but felt this strong desire to continue walking around the pond…did I say it was in the grass with insects!

Well wouldn’t you know it, God had a word for me.

As I was walking and looking down at the grass to make sure I could see what insects were in the grass, the insects were moving out of my way. It was amazing! Every step I took rendered a display of insects jumping out of the way on both sides! God let me know that as I continue to walk in the path he has laid out for me, whether fearful or not, he would move everything out of the way. I don’t need to fear! Yes the bugs are there, but they won’t harm me. They will yield to me as I move!

Whew!! That was a word for me! Maybe for you also!

What has God told you to do? Why are you afraid to do it?

Moses had a new path to take! God told him not to worry about his stuttering tongue. He would be with Moses!

Joshua had a new path to take! God told him not to fear! He would be with Joshua!

Barak had a new path to take. God told him, through Deborah, that he would go before Barak!

Jeremiah had a new path to take! God told him not to worry about his youth! He would be with him to deliver him!

If God has told you to do something, the best thing you can do is obey! It is through your obedience that you see the miraculous hand of the Lord!

Yes, there may be obstacles, but they are so small compared to you and the power that goes before you and is in you!!

God will move them out of the way, but only as you move. When I stopped moving, they stopped moving. As soon as I started again, the insects started jumping out of the way.

You can only get to your destination by moving! You can only see God do miraculous things by moving!

So Get Up, Gird Up, and Go!

This is the way, now walk in it! UNAFRAID!

Spicing Up Your Soul