While baking….

I was reflecting on the meeting I had with some old and new sister friends yesterday. I was introduced by one sister as one who could bake. Another sister co-signed saying and “She writes a devotional about what she has cooked.” I was immediately convicted. I was convicted because I had neither baked as much this season and nor had I written that much this year.

I decided I was going to finally bake these cookies and write a devotional…TODAY.

I said a quick prayer, “Speak to me Father and teach me a lesson.”

I seasoned the chicken to make a brown sugar stewed chicken. While that was marinating, I got out all the ingredients to make snickerdoodles AND sugar cookies. I whipped up the cookie batters pretty quickly. While the snickerdoodles were cooking, I was jamming to and singing along with Whitney making the sugar cookies. Once the snickerdoodle cooled some, I moved them to the cookie rack. I then rolled and sugared the sugar cookies; putting them in the oven. I sent some snickerdoodles to my sister neighbor as she had been asking me when I would make them. It was then the Lord spoke.

Crystal, you have delayed making these cookies and delayed writing because you were not motivated. People are waiting on your cookies and they are waiting on your books. I am waiting on you! (Ouch!) You had everything you needed to bake the cookies and you have everything you need to complete the books. I have deposited a word in you that I want you to give to the people. Heck Crystal, I just deposited another in you. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! Move Out Crystal!!! Get to baking and let people enjoy the cookies (books). You have everything you need.

What you think you don’t have, I have it already waiting for you. Just move in faith! Just start and the motivation will come. You started out only wanting to make the snickerdoodles but the motivation came to make sugar cookies also. The same will happen when you finish the books…

So, as I stand here chewing on one of the good cookies, I want to encourage to move out in what God has placed in you to do. You have everything you need.