One evening while cooking, I pondered a very recent conversation with a friend which reminded me that “All Things Work Together For the Good of Them Who Love the Lord and Are Called According to His Purpose (Romans 8:28). In life, you will need to “taste” things that don’t taste good by themselves.

You wonder why things have to be SALTY; causing you to have to give up on a situation or throw it away. You wonder why things have to be HOT; causing you to experience pain. You wonder why things have to be SMOKY; making your eyes water. You wonder why things have to be GRITTY; causing something precious to break.

What I’ve learned through cooking is that the salty, hot, smoky, and gritty ingredients are necessary for the dish to taste good when done in the correct measure. As the cook, I know how much of each ingredient is needed to make the dish taste good. I know how much heat and time is required to make the dish ready for consumption.

Just like I know how to cook a dish with the right ingredients, our Heavenly Father can take the good, bad and ugly ingredients of our life and turn it into a dish that is Ummm Ummm Good! I invite you to taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8